Decadent Zobo Pudding Cake Drizzled with Zobo Syrup

All I can say about this dish is, you must give it a try...! The taste is divine and all I was able to say about it when I tucked into it,  was hmmmmm hhhmmmm yum yum... Your ideal dessert, this dish excites your senses....sweetness, tartness, great textures from the minced petals, the softness of the cake itself and then the intense exciting red visual appeal....this dish rocks my boat..

All you need to create this dish decadent pudding cake, are some containing whole petals and your favorite pudding cake recipe....,
Decadent Zobo Pudding Cake Drizzled with Zobo Syrup

Recommendation: serve preferably hot/warm straight out of the oven...! drenched with a generous serving of zobo syrup.

What to do
  1. Get some of the whole petals out of the syrup (see how to make the syrup from my previous post) and mince finely. 
  2. Add this to the cake batter and bake as normal. 
  3. Using a ramekin similar to the one in the picture, creates a great visual effect. 
  4. When the cake is baked, serve straight out of the oven onto a plate and drizzle a generous helping of the zobo syrup. Allow this to drench the cake and eat.....




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