Chefrican - My Nigerian Cookery TV Debut

Ever since I launched my cook book, I have wanted my very own TV cookery show where, I can have the opportunity to share everything I know about food and cooking, and also help the world gain a better understanding of Nigerian Cuisine....!

So when last year I was invited to take part in the new series of the very popular cookery TV program on Ebony Life Television, Chefrican Series 2, I accepted. (Chefrican is an entertainment lifestyle TV program that features the preparation of African dishes with a modern ‎twist -  EbonyLifeTV).

I felt really excited to be invited and was so pleased that my "widow's mite" contribution towards promoting Nigerian cuisine has been spotted and is being appreciated.

Though I had taken part in TV cookery shows in the past, notably ITV's GMTV back then in the UK, and also taking part in the NHS Change4Life campaign on Obesity, my experience on the Chefrican Set was different and a little intense. This was because I had to cook right there on set...! the pressure was on but, the producer/ crew all helped to make it overall enjoyable.

It was quite a good experience for me, definitely a learning experience...and as a consequence, my cookery show hosting skills can only get better and better from here....( another thing I have to learn is to smile more for the camera.... :-) )

I thoroughly enjoyed my debut on Nigerian Television and hope that you guys will also enjoy watching the episodes that feature my recipes and also hope you will learn a few new things about the New Nigerian cuisine.

Please tune in to watch the series (Ebony Life TV DSTV channel 165) which starts this May....and I wish to thank you all for all the interest received over all these years and am counting on your continued interest and support....

Come back to give me your feedback on how I did... Your comments, thoughts and views are valued,,,,,




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Deola.....hope you enjoy watching..

  2. Congratulations! I pray for you to attain greater heights!

  3. Hearty and Tasty Congratulations! We are so proud!

    1. ....deliciously appreciated Ayo. Thanks so much.

  4. Congratulations sis. Keep it rawking. You look you're meant to do it.

    1. Yetunde, thanks sis...."yes I gat this"....hehehe. As you know it is hard work, but I can only get better and better. Trusting that the opps would keep coming our way... Thanks so much for all the support over the years.

  5. Congrats sis and well done!



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