Crush Your Jollof Rice Cravings...

So another year has rolled by and we have arrived at another day dedicated to West Africa's best rice dish... Jollof Rice. So on this #WorldJollofRiceDay, I want to help you Crush Your Jollof Rice Cravings... Check out all my Jollof Rice Recipes Here...

I have written several posts on Jollof rice, in particular the origin of the rice dish, how it is made to perfection and also how it has been influencing other similar rice dishes from other parts of the world.

I love my Jollof rice and its always my dish of choice when I am feeling good and want to also can be my go to dish "to pick me up" when I am feeling down, so you see why and how this rice dish is so special...

I do not get stuck on just serving my Jollof rice in the same exact way every time, I try to spin it around and add different elements, just to create variety...

So today, I present to you some of my special Jollof rice varieties and presentation...

PS...people have often asked me, what is my one all time tip on making the best/perfect Jollof rice, in the past I have said things like, get the right type of rice, ensure you strike a pepper base sauce/rice ratio balance, but now, what I advice is.... every good Jollof rice cook MUST have their own signature spice blend.

From my very long experience of cooking this dish, I have discovered that its the spices and condiments you add to the dish that help to develop the irresistible flavours and aromas which ultimately result in in the great taste for which the dish is known and loved.

Signature Spice Blend
Make your own signature spice blend...! Blending your spices/condiments to your exact preference (before hand) can be really useful and will certainly guarantee a perfect result every time..!

Don't be afraid to explore and experiment with different spices, herbs and condiments....!




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