Puff Puff Shells

When you set out to create something specific, and then you end up with something different, that turns out to be fabulous and delicious...! That's what happened when I was exploring the possibility of making perfect miniature puff puffs (a Nigerian snack similar to fried dumplings, check out some recipes here).

So I ended up with these little cups, sturdy enough to be filled with other delicious things (cream, custard, fresh or dried fruits), and then can used to impress and thrill your dinner guests, especially children or adults with sweet tooth...

The trick to creating these beauties; I used condensed milk in the puff puff batter, and also used this wonderful pancake pan...Aebleskiver Grill/pan, non stick rust proof.

I have fallen in love with this pan, which originates from the Danish people where it is popularly used to make pancake  balls...!.... The pan is actually similar to our very own massa pan. I made a lot of futile effort to purchase one for myself in Lagos....sigh, but was so pleased to discover this one...which I got on Amazon....

Ever since I purchased this pan, I have used it to make pancakes, omelettes and quite unbelievably, ojojo. The fact that you require only a very small amount of oil to cook in this pan is very attractive for me as I try hard to cut down my oil intake.

Back to my Puff Puff Shells.... I started by making my usual puff puff batter but instead of sugar, I used condensed milk. I also did not allow the yeast to ferment in the batter for too long....(shortened to 10-15 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours). This recipe is work in progress and it can be perfected further but for now, I am happy with the outcome.

I used very small amount of oil in the pan and I was very careful with the temperature of the oil...it had to be hot enough but not too hot to avoid burning.The thickness of the batter is also important. I made it really thing so that the shells can form perfectly.

So after cooking, I allowed shells to cool, this is important because this is when they form their shape. If they are compressed, then they will lose their shape.

Once cooled, fill with whatever yummy stuff you want...excellent served as canapes and desserts. I filled mine with cream and dried sultanas and cranberries. Fresh fruits like strawberries can also be sliced and added.

They are bound to make a great impression on your party menu... try them.

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