Love Chin-Chin Differently.....!

Come let's explore Chin Chin together...!

Chin-Chin is a pastry based deep fired snack, very popular in Nigeria and some other west African countries. Making chin-chin follows a very simple process of making a dough first, rolling it out and then cutting it into shapes, then fried.

Usually chin-chin is cut into strips or into small round or square shapes...and nothing else really, don't know why we are stuck with this way of eating chin-chin, ....but well I know, Nigerians are very precious about their food and also so stubborn about it that if it is not shaped exactly a certain way, then its not acceptable..., well I am one of the growing number of food rebels changing all of that...!..(wish us luck)

Ever since I wrote my cookbook almost 10 years ago, I have explored different Nigerian food items / dishes and created non-conventional versions, which I find really exciting and fun. And I love sharing my culinary adventures..!

So recently, I went through my archives to check out all of my Chin-Chin Recipes to share with you, to inspire you to try something new this festive season. Chin-Chin is excellent in desserts and can be part of a medley of snacks...!

All My Chin-Chin Recipes
  • Star Chin-Chin, 
  • Jammy Chin-Chin, 
  • Choco Chin-Chin, 
  • Chin-Chin Truffles, 
  • Chin-Chin Cheese Cake, 
  • Baked Chin-Chin  
  • Chin-Chin Chocolate Mud
  • Chin-Chin with Milk

Check out all of my Chin Chin Recipes here

In today's I have Chin Chin Stars served with Chocolate Ice Cream.

To make the star shape, follow your favourite chin-chin recipe to make your dough then cut with star shaped cookie cutters. Deep fry as usual.




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