Chocolatey Agbalumo (Star Apple)

So the African Star Apple is in season again... (around December - March), well in Nigeria that is. (Click here to read more about African Star Apples)

I am sharing a recipe which I developed a while back and have just failed to post due to oversight...! It was really exciting at the time for me, and I think its actually a first, have not seen it anywhere else.

The exciting sweet and sour taste of this fruit makes it really adaptable for use in making different types of desserts and / or snacks.

Well, not a lot to say but do really, so see below how I achieved this exotic dish...

What you need
  • Good quality milk chocolate
  • Ripe Agbalumo
  • Demerara Sugar

What to do
  1. I started off  by scooping out the flesh of some star fruits and chopping finely. I then sweetened with sugar. (The amount of sugar you use depends on your preference). 
  2. Next spread the flesh on a baking tray and oven dried for several hours. Care must be taken not to cook or burn the flesh. 
  3. You need to set the oven to low temperature not higher than 50 degrees C. 
  4. Check regularly to monitor the drying process. (you can sun dry as an alternative to the step). Once dried enough, I rolled out the flesh into a thing layer. 
  5. Then melt some chocolate, again spread out a layer into a mould of your choice. Then place the thin layer of the agbalumo over the base layer of chocolate. Then carefully pour over a second layer of chocolate, to cover the middle layer of agbalumo. Place the chocolate/agbalumo layers into the refrigerator to set. 
  6. Enjoy...

Chopped agbalumo flesh

Chopped and dried agbalumo flesh



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