Nigerian Home Made Meatballs

Sincerely, its worth making meatballs at home, for so many reasons. Foremost, making your meatballs gives you all the power to do or add whatever you fancy. You know precisely what has gone into it and you are assured of what you are eating.....quite frankly, you do not want to begin to investigate into what actually makes up commercially produced meatballs.....

Anyway, I was left with no choice but to make some meatballs at home, because I could not readily find any at all, in the local supermarkets,,, and in the one place I found some, I was not keen at all to put it in my mouth. So what's a girl to do. I had to make some.

Making meatballs is one of the simplest things to do, especially if you have the right equipment. The best thing to use is a grinder, but if you do not have access to a grinder, then a good food processor will suffice.

So very easy, all you have to do is purchase some nice cut beef with no fat or tendons. You would also need some seasoning to help enhance tastes and flavours fully in the meat.

First: the texture and juiciness of the home made meatballs make them so special. They ooze so much flavour, its incredible. I think this can be attributed to the fact that the cows from which the beef is sourced is pretty much organic, are grazed on natural vegetation and are allowed to follow their herder in search for this vegetation.

I believe all these factors contribute to the incredibly firm texture of the meat they saying this because Nigerians are known to favor this quality in their beef, as against what is found in the UK.

Second: One important thing I found about ground beef is the fact that it cooks in a very short time, and I feel that has got to have some impact on its overall nutritional benefits.

See below the steps required in making meatballs at home.

1. First purchase some lean beef ensuring you remove all traces of fat, muscles or tendons.

2. Then cut into large chunks that will fit into your meat grinder or food processor

3. Set the grinder/food processor to a low setting and mince the meat until fully grounded.

4. Transfer the minced meat into a large bowl and add salt, seasoning and spice as you prefer. Add one egg (depending on the quantity you have) and mix into the meat. This will help to bind the meatballs and prevent them from falling apart when cooking. Don't worry, the taste of the egg would not interfere with the meat flavours.

5. Take small quantities at a time to roll into balls.

6. This can also be made into patties or burgers.



  1. This is my new favourite place. Thanks for all the great tips

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    1. Hiya, am sorry I might have missed your email. Could you please re-send to my email address info @
      thanks so much for your interest.

  3. What spice did u use?

    1. you can use any spices of your choice. I used curry powder, thyme, stock powder, salt, chilli powder....



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