Healthy Fruity Ogi Porridge Bowl

By nature, I tire easily of certain foods, especially if I have had them a couple of times... I NEED VARIETY!!! I have to have variety so I impulsively begin to find alternatives, exploring different ingredients and also applying new techniques on familiar ingredients.... Story of my life, The New Nigerian Cuisine movement (more of that later).

Ogi, (pap) for those not familiar with it, is fermented finely milled maize meal and is better known for making a porridge called locally koko, eko gbona, akamu in the three main dialects in Nigeria. It is also used to make a solid gelatinous dish called agidi or eko tutu.  I love Ogi and its often one of the dishes I  have for breakfast (accompanied with moin moin, akara or efo riro). I love Ogi because of its smooth texture and sharp/tangy taste. It is very versatile in terms of what can be added to it increase its enjoyability. Traditionally, ogi is eaten as it, but nowadays, milk, sugar and some condiments such as dried ginger can be added.

I always kind of delve into the history of traditional dishes so I can see some of the ways they have evolved, and with Ogi, it was interesting to discover that ogi was often used as a carrier for traditional medicine...! In the fist instance, ogi is usually recommended to those who have been ill and just recovering from an illness. Their Ogi dish is "laced" with the different powdered traditional remedies (known as agunmu). It is believed that the Ogi serves as a good "carrier" for the medicine and makes it easier to dispense the You just have to respect our ancestors and appreciate their intelligence.

Fast forward to now, I see Ogi continue to evolve as a dish, especially with the explosion of everything "health and wellbeing". I am a believer in eating healthy and so I am very much in the forefront of all things healthy especially how to apply to Nigerian cuisine.

The recipe I am sharing today is exciting and radically different from what the average Nigerian is familiar with...but it's delicious, sensible and ticks all the boxes of eating healthy. I have in the past introduced the use of non-conventional ingredients such as hibiscus petal drink (zobo) to ogi with great success. I have now moved onwards in my journey of evolving Ogi..Healthy Fruity Ogi Porridge Bowl.

If you like to explore and you are adventurous if you want something healthy to start your day with, and lastly, if you fun loving foodie, then you must try this out...!😊

What you Need
  • Ogi paste or powder (any variety you like yellow, white or brown)
  • Coconut water or fresh drinking water
  • Honey to sweeten
  • Fresh natural yoghurt /fresh milk (optional)
  • A selection of your favourite fruits
  • Muesli or other grains of choice
  • Raisins

What to do
  1. Make the ogi, as usual, by dissolving the ogi paste in some cold water or coconut water if using. The coconut water has little impact on the taste, I only use it if its available to make my ogi that bit more healthy...😊. 
  2. Then add some boiling water to the dissolved ogi, stirring vigorously to avoid lumps developing. Add enough water to arrive at the consistency and smoothness you desire. Continue to cook over low heat for a few minutes and pour into your serving bowl. 
  3. Then carefully arrange your well washed and chopped fruits, making it as pretty as you can. Also add the muesli, raisins and honey. 
  4. Serve and enjoy with some yoghurt or warm fresh milk....



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