Guava & Summer Fruits Salad

In my preceding post, I profiled one of my favourite fruits, guava. So I decided to share one of my simplest fruit salad recipes in which I have added guava.

I have to mention, when making a fruit salad, it should not be a combination of fruits all chopped up and lumped up together.... for me it its all about a symphony of tastes, flavours and textures. The fruits you use must be chosen deliberately for either their colour, texture or taste. There must be balance in the taste too. You want to ensure you have each taste represented, sweetness, tartness, astringency. You also need to choose the fruits that will add the right textures to the salad.

In this recipe, I have chosen apples for their sweet and crisp taste, mangoes for the sweetness, cherries for the unique taste and colour, strawberries for the tartness and colour,  and finally guavas for the taste and flavour that just brings a balance to the salad.

Another important factor is the that I chopped the fruits into small bits, ensuring that largely they are of very similar bite-size.. This helps to take a mouthful of a combination of all the fruits at a time... delightful...!

Try it.



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