Ripe Pawpaw "Bricks"

Funke Koleosho's Pawpaw bricks

The simplest way to have pawpaw is to peel, slice and eat as it is. I am certain that this way, you get the most of its nutrients. I am however always keen to create art with my food! (Read more about pawpaw here: Food Profile: Pawpaw (Papaya))

Today's post is not really a recipe post, its just an opportunity to showcase ripe pawpaw served as "bricks". Guess what,  serving it this way caught the interest of my 7 year old nephew, who was drawn to try pawpaw for the first time. For me, this is mission accomplished!

  • 1 very ripe pawpaw 
  • Some coconut shavings 

What to do:
  1. Thoroughly wash the pawpaw before peeling. 
  2. Cut pawpaw into cubes of equal dimensions. 
  3. Arrange the diced pawpaw on a plate and top with coconut shavings. 
  4. Best served chilled.

Read more about pawpaw here: Food Profile: Pawpaw (Papaya)



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