Black Velvet Tamarind (Awin) Frozen Yogurt

There is not much to read about this recipe, but there is a a lot to taste, savor and enjoy. I have written about the wonderful black velvet tamarind (locally called awin or icheku in Nigeria) in a previous post (see here) and also created  a few delicious recipes using the fruit;
-Awin Compote
-Velvet Tamarind (Awin) Blush Cocktail
-Black Velvet Tamarind Teacakes.

To add to my growing list of what can be done with this fruit, I have Black Velvet Tamarind Frozen Yogurt.

Plated Dessert Style

Its a simple process, as simple as creating a compote from the fruit, adding to some Greet style unsweetened yogurt, and freezing. Here served it in two different ways....check out how below

What you need
-Unsweetened Greek style yogurt
-Condensed milk
-Awin/icheku (Blck velvet tamarind)

What to do
1. Shell the fruits to release the orange fluffy flesh of the fruit. Place shelled fruits into a sauce pan (save some for garnish), add some sugar and water then boil until it starts to thicken slightly. Stir a little to avoid burning or the fruits sticking to the pan.

2. Then turn the heat off and pass the cooked fruits through a find sieve to remove all the pips/seeds. Transfer the compote into a container and set aside.

3.In a mixing bowl, transfer the yogurt and some condensed milk. Mix well together using a whisk to ensure the ingredients are well combined. Then add some of the compote to the yogurt, again mix in well. Add some water to loosen the mixture to your preferred consistency.

4. Transfer the mix into containers and place into the freezer preferably overnight.

Popsicle style

Process of making a compote from Awin/icheku/Black velvet tamarind



  1. Wow! Really nice. I would try this when I get my hands on the black velvet Tamarind!!



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