Happy New Year - 2017...!!!

Happy new year to you all my adorable readers, I am so thankful for another year, that has so much promise....!

2016 went so, so quickly, and I suppose, as they always say, time flies when you are having fun...! 2016 was a lot of fun for me. I got to experiment and explore new tastes and flavours with all sorts of food ingredients... I tell you, it was so interesting. Most importantly, I got to meet a lot of different people on the Nigerian food scene. It has been so exciting to see how much progress is being made in promoting Nigerian Cuisine.! There are so many opportunities to explore and even better, there are so many avenues to participate and make real contributions.

So this year, I am officially launching my very own pet project which is themed "The New Nigerian Cuisine". A few years back, I started my foodie adventure by authoring a cookery book called Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine, but since then, my thoughts and vision have evolved somewhat.

The aim originally was to re-present Nigerian food in more contemporary ways, so as to shine some light and draw some attention, but as time passed by, its become essential to highlight so many other aspects of Nigerian cuisine,

All these aspects have now been properly identified and they bring about what I have themed, The New Nigerian Cuisine.

The New Nigerian Cuisine is an approach which helps you start from the very beginning, that is, gaining full understanding of Nigerian food ingredients and then using them creatively to prep and cook up exciting, delicious and healthy dishes!

This is a movement people, and I invite you to join-in, hoping that you can be inspired to explore the endless possibilities of using locally sourced ingredients to prepare exciting, delicious and healthy new dishes.

More details to follow soon, in the meantime, I wish you the very best in this brand new year...



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