Chin-Chin & Milk with Added Raisins

We had run out of biscuits the other day, when my daughter feeling peckish, announced, "mum, we've run out of biscuits" and I want a snack....!  so what does a mum do, in such cases of emergency?... improvise of course.

So after a few minutes rummaging through the kitchen cupboards, I discovered my stash of chin-chin (a type of pastry snack similar to biscuits, except its traditionally, fried rather than baked, but nowadays, there are several baked versions too..). So I said to her, go have some chin-chin instead..!

She did no complain because she does enjoy eating chin-chin, but given the choice she'd probably opt for biscuits over chin-chin, her reason for this is, chin-chin is sometimes too hard to crunch... So I told her that the ones we had are not that hard. Then she said these magical words... mum can I add milk to it..? and I said why not.... yes add milk and enjoy...

So when she served some in the bowl and tried it, she said it's actually quite delicious, so I said, let me try, and truthfully, it was yummy and refreshing. It kept hunger at bay...!

Then I started reflecting, this actually makes sense, from now on, Nigerian kids can have Chin-Chin and Milk, just like Americans have cookies and milk.  Eureka....!

Chin-Chin & Milk

There are some benefits why this idea should be embraced...
  1. There are real concerns about the amount of trans-fats used to make commercial biscuits, which have been proven to be really bad for health. Aside from this, the amount of sugar, salt and other additives and preservatives raise even more cause for concern. As concerned parents, we should be helping our children cut down or completely eliminate the consumption of these overly processed foods.
  2. Making chin-chin at home to replace biscuits makes sense, especially if you are health conscious or mindful of what you feed your family. Home made food guarantees that you know exactly what goes into making the food. You have all the power to determine what goes in and what doesn't, and also most importantly, it affords you the benefit of making food according to your preference. Y'know, just the way you like it.
  3. Overall, replacing biscuits with chin-chin in your household will have a continuous and sustainable effect on your family's healthy eating agenda (if you have one), and will also help cut some of these biscuits can be quite expensive.
  4. It will also serve as an adventure for your kids, and even for you...! Y'know, something new to eat and explore. Variety...!

Today's recipe is ideal for snacking but I don't see any reasons why it can not be served as a breakfast meal... Consider adding a few other exciting ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts etc.

I cannot compel you....but I am urging you to give this a try....!

Chin-Chin & Milk with Added Raisins

What you need
  • Homemade chin-chin - recipe here (or you can purchase some from a trusted vendor)
  • Some dried raisins to sweeten. (honey or brown sugar may also be used to sweeten the milk)
  • Fresh full-fat milk (Some milk can be made by dissolving powdered milk in sugar or diluting evaporated tinned milk)

What to do
  1. Place some chin-chin into a bowl and pour some milk. Add dried fruits like raisins or nuts if you prefer. Choose chin-chin that is not too hard. 
  2. You don't want the overly soft ones either. The texture has to be right, otherwise, it may become soggy in the milk.
  3. You can use cold or warm milk, depending on your fancy. 
  4. Serve and enjoy.

Chin-Chin & Milk with Added Raisins



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