Simple Fruit & Yoghurt Bowl

The saying that "simple things have the most value" rings true with this recipe. It is simple, made from simple ingredients, and served in a simple manner. You don't even need a bowl...!

I have come to discover from my various research that fermented foods such as yoghurt, are good for health. The reason is, they are probiotic. What this means is, yoghurt contains life bacteria that are friendly and beneficial to the human digestive system. So eating large quantities of yoghurt regularly is advised.

So when I have yoghurt, I opt for natural yoghurt which has not been sweetened in any way. And it's also not been adulterated by adding flavourings or other ingredients to make them more liquid/fluid. I opt for the creamy fresh and thick one.

So to make my natural yoghurt more delicious and even more healthy, I add it to fruits....or shall I say, I add fruits to it. Whatever way, I am sure you get the drift.😄

Fruits help to enhance the taste of the yoghurt, and also give texture to it. Overall, both fruit and yoghurt, eaten in the right proportion can be really filling and can do great wonders to our digestive system.

Try it with any of your favourite fruits. Honeydew melon, watermelon, papaya, mangoes, cantaloupes, pineapples, etc.

All you need

  • Good quality natural yoghurt, unsweeten or adulterated with flavouring or colourings
  • A selection of your favourite fruits, (perhaps go for the sweet, less tart ones)


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