Understanding Nigerian Condiments - Locust Beans

Name: Locust Beans (iru, dadawa, dawadawa)
Description: A pungent smelling fermented salty condiment. Made from carob seeds and sold whole, dried or ground/powdered.
Uses: Excellent for all types of traditional soups and stews. Really good in creating bold and authentic tastes and flavours. The ground / powdered version is used to make suya spice.
Tips: Wash well before use to remove possible contaminants like sand, chaff etc.
To reduce the pungency: wash in vinegar then rinse with fresh clean water to remove traces of sourness from the vinegar. Then salt again and store in the freezer.
New Nigerian Cuisine uses: excellent in salad dressings imparting properties similar to capers or anchovies.

Sun dried fermented locust beans



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