Healthy Fruity Eko Tutu

If you love eko tutu/agidi, and you love to eat it with a bit of milk, and if you are health conscious and on the look out for new ways to enjoy your favourite foods in a healthier way, and most of all if ou are a fun foodie...then read on!

Today's recipe is so radical, it breaks all the boundaries that exist within Nigerian cuisine, but if you take a closer look, you may begin to see the reasons why this recipe works...

Eko tutu is made from Ogi, (pap fermented finely milled maize meal) and is more popularly served with moin moin or akara. Eko tutu can also be served with efo riro, or mashed beans and due to its lightness, it is served mainly for breakfast.

As a way to fortify eko tutu, milk and sugar can be added to it. This approach to eating eko tutu actually evolved from the way it was eaten in ancient times when eko tutu was mixed with traditional medicine to aid easy ingestion.

Recently made some ogi and added a variety of fruits and muesli to it. Then I allowed it to cool and solidify with all the added ingredients. So the next day I added some warm milk, some honey and some additional fruits and muesli, and I really loved it.

The added ingredients instantly increase the nutritional factor of the dish. and they also contribute different tastes, flavours and textures to the dish...

If you love to eat healthily, and you love to explore new ways to eat your regular Nigerian dishes, you must give this one a try.😊

What you need
  • Ogi paste or powder (any variety you like yellow, white or brown)
  • Coconut water or fresh drinking water
  • Honey to sweeten
  • Fresh natural yoghurt (optional)
  • A selection of your favourite fruits
  • Muesli or other grains of choice
  • Raisin

What to do
  1. Make the ogi, as usual, by dissolving the ogi paste in some cold water or coconut water if using. The coconut water has little impact on the taste, I only use it if its available to make my ogi that bit more healthy...😊. 
  2. Then add some boiling water to the dissolved ogi, stirring vigorously to avoid lumps developing. Add enough water to arrive at the consistency and smoothness you desire. Continue to cook over low heat for a few minutes and pour into your serving bowl. 
  3. Then add your well washed and chopped fruits. Also, add the muesli and raisins. Mix all together to evenly distribute all the components. Set aside until fully cool and set. 
  4. Serve and enjoy with some yoghurt or warm fresh milk....


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