Puff Puff For Dessert

If you haven't you must first read my previous posts on puff puff, to get an understanding of what it is... (See all my Puff Puff Recipes here)

Its a snack, can be served at parties as canapes, can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and also, as one may have suspected, its also great in desserts. In one word, puff puff is great...!

So in this post, I demonstrate how you might want to serve puff puff in your dessert.

What you need
  • Plain flour
  • Baker's yeast
  • Sugar
  • Nutmeg
  • Chocolate syryp
  • Fruit of choice (here I used bananas)

What to do
  1. Start by adding some baker's yeast into a small bowl, then add couple table spoons of sugar, and warm water. This process is to activate the yeast. If after about 10 or 15 minutes you do not see any frothing (or foaming) action, then you know the yeast is not good and cannot be used otherwise the puff puff will not rise.
  2. Next combine the sugar and flour in a separate bowl and nix well. The quantity and ratio of flour/sugar should be to your preference. Add a small quantity of nutmeg as required. Aim to achieve a soft sticky dough which is not too thick nor runny. 
  3. Then add the dissolved and activated yeast mix. Incorporate into the dough. Cover with a tea towel and keep in a warm place to proof. Give it about 30 minutes to proof, by which time the dough would have risen double its size. 
  4. Then heat up oil in a deep base pan and deep fry dollops until evenly brown.
  5. Take one or two pieces of the fried puff puff, slice through its centre and plate with a scoop of ice-cream, some fruits and a good drizzling of chocolate sauce.



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