Suya For Lunch

So I was not feeling so hungry today, I just wanted something a little spicy and savoury. I also wanted something sweet and crispy/crunchy....

I am home alone today and after rummaging through the fridge for a while, I came across some beef suya made by my brother in-law (uncle Sam).... he makes the best suya in the whole of London, I tell you. So quick I got it out and made a quick salad with it....and after having a hot beverage with it, I reached my point of satisfaction....! so that's it. lunch done..... looking forward to dinner... 😄

What you need
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Suya spice/yaji
  • Pre-bought suya (or you can substitute beef suya with grilled chicken or fish or vegetables of choice such as aubergine, courgettes)

What to do
  1. Heat up the suya if required. 
  2. Then chop up your lettuce, tomatoes and onions. 
  3. Arrange all components on a plate and serve; preferably warm.

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