Watermelon On the Rocks

After eating a good meal, you often need a really refreshing drink to top it all up! Rather than binge on all the different fizzy drinks, why not try this very refreshing drink made using watermelon, sugar cane juice and for the adults among us, a hint of sherry!

Trust me, watermelon being at least 95% water, this drink is guaranteed to satisfy and refresh!

What you need
  • Ripe whole water melon
  • Some sherry (Optional, caution: do not serve alcohol to children)
  • Sugar cane juice (alternatives: pineapple or pear juices. Use any other juice of choice but ensure its a sweet one, less tart.)
What to do
  1. I tend to wash the whole uncut watermelon because this way you do not need to wash it and loose valuable nutrients in water. 
  2. Using  a small scoop spoon (I used the smallest from a set of measuring spoons as improvisation) scoop small balls of the water melon into a bowl. 
  3. Save any juice from the watermelon into a container for later use. 
  4. Chill the watermelon balls but ensure they don't become frozen. 
  5. In a separate container, mix the watermelon juice with the sugar cane juice, also add the sherry if using (use the proportions that you like). 
  6. Then serve this juice mixture in glasses and scoop the chilled watermelon balls into the glass with the juice blend. Serve chilled.

Enjoy it!



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