Sandwich Platter... (With A Spicy Twist)

Funke Koleosho's Sandwiches...with a kick.
Sandwiches are foreign to Nigerians, and though the average Nigerian would not request a sandwich for lunch, sandwiches are quite popular with a class of Nigerians especially those who work with expatriates. Speaking with my good friend back home recently, apparently, sandwiches are becoming common to serve especially at corporate lunch events.

What I remember from back then in the days I used to work for a technology company in Lagos, my MD at the time had a liking for the very popular Ikoyi Club sandwich. It was expensive and not affordable by everyone. It took some hours before it got delivered to the office on Herbert Macaulay Road in Lagos. Above all that, it was a very basic bread, some chicken breast pieces, some salad leaves and dressing..! Some of the more junior staff and domestic staff of the company would wonder aloud, "how oga fit belle full with this sef"....(meaning, can this fill him up?). This would also cause us all to ogle each other and laugh....

It was when I came to the UK that I discovered the scale at which sandwiches were made and served on a daily basis! There is a wide variety of sandwiches, depending on the type of bread and filling used. Its was really exciting for me to try out all of these different types of sandwiches. And as an executive who attends different events, meetings and seminars, it was a matter of "how do you like it"!

Of all the sandwiches I tried back then, the Coronation Chicken sandwich created the most lasting taste in my mouth. It was simply delicious...! The exotic spices and flavours added to the filling simply "gave the sandwich an exciting, "I want more", taste and flavour. So I researched the ingredients used to make this sandwich and discovered that it had Indian curry as part of the base sauce. This concoction is also believed to have been created for Queen Elizabeth's coronation.....

Spicy Beans & Spicy Chicken & Prawn Sandwiches

What Makes a Good Sandwich?
Simple, its the filling! A sandwich is only as good as its filling....and because I have enjoyed eating bread with a variety of things like cooked beans, akaramoinnoin etc in the past, I wondered how these may be used in making sandwiches. Some worked and others didn't in the taste department but some of those that worked, I am sharing with you today.

Enter Jollof Beans, Jollof Chicken Sandwiches. Try making some with a variety of fillings and serve them to your house guests or at your parties. They make a real change from the usual rice and pounded yam....

What you need
  • A selection of brown and white bread (depending on your preference. Sliced hard dough bread can also be used)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Roast chicken
  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Canned tuna
  • Pre cooked Aganyin beans (jollof beans can also be used)
  • Black pepper (optional)
  • Cooked prawns
  • Premium Ata Dindin (get the recipe here)
  • Some salad for garnishing

What to do
Chicken Filling:
Remove all skin bones from the roast chicken and chop in to small pieces. Transfer chicken pieces into a bowl and add a generous amount of mayonnaise and ata din din. Also add a pinch of freshly milled black pepper. Mix all together then fill into sandwiches

Bean Filling:
Add some pre-cooked aganyin beans to a bowl and add some mayonnaise. Mashed/jollof beans can also be used as an alternative. Then add some mayonnaise and stir well. Add mayonnaise keeps the sandwich from drying out and moist. Fill into sandwiches

Egg Filling:
Shell the boiled eggs and chop into small pieces, add some mayonnaise, ata din din and/or freshly milled black pepper. Mix all together and fill into sandwiches

Prawn Filling:
Cut the prawns (if they are too large, otherwise leave then whole). Place prawns into a large bowl and add mayonnaise, ata din din and/or freshly milled black pepper. Mix all together and fill into sandwiches

Tuna Filling:
Cut the tuna can open and drain it of its water. Add the tuna meat into a bowl and add some mayonnaise, ata din din and/or freshly milled black pepper. Mix all together and fill into sandwiches.

Sandwich Platter



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