Happy New 2015...

2015 Year of Sweet Treats...

Happy (belated) New Year to you all my wonderful readers. Welcome to Funke Koleosho's Food Blog (FKFB) 2015...

Yes, it is my very first post of the year....! No apologies though....because it seem it is in my nature to take my time catching up and gearing up.... after all the fun and enjoyment of the festivities of Christmas and New Year. I take a view that I do deserve a good rest after all the hard work of and a truly rewarding 2014.

I am so thankful for all my achievements in 2014, so, so thankful.... The highlight however has to be when I was contacted by and I met a key Nigerian government official who shares my vision for promoting Nigerian Cuisine Beyond Borders....!

This encounter surpasses all the other wonderful things that came my way in 2014, because finally, I believe that through him, the possibility of creating awareness for, and promoting Nigerian cuisine on a higher level is becoming more feasible. This is such as exciting prospect for me, and I am patiently anticipating the realisation of this long held dream: "Making Nigerian Food a Real Alternative Dining Option" for people across the world! Watch this space....

What's Up this Year..!?
There is so much lined up for this year, and so much is going to happen...! Part of my activities for this year involves travelling and exploring different types of food and culinary traditions. I will also be trying out my first ever pop-up restaurant which promises to provide the total Nigerian Eating Experience....details shortly.

On the blog, you can continue to expect creative and healthy recipes which hopefully will continue to inspire you all, to prepare and serve Nigerian cuisine in new ways.

I will also be exploring the use of local ingredients to create desserts and sweets in particular, just because they do not feature often in Nigerian cuisine.

As always, my recipes will continue to focus on healthy eating, so watch out for my use of fruits and vegetables to fortify boring/bland foods!....all offering exciting experience of different textures, flavours and tastes.

This year, I also want to interact more with you, my readers so drop me a message or let your opinions be known using the comments section of each post. I will be too pleased to answer your queries and acknowledge your comments.

Taking this moment to thank you again for all your interest and support in 2014, counting on same this year...!

God bless.!




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