Food Ideas - Zobo (Sorrel) Recipes

Funke Koleosho's Zobo Food/Recipe Ideas

In Nigeria, zobo (sorrel) petals are commonly used to make a tea/drink. The green variety is used to make a vegetable soup, known as obe ishapa by the Yorubas. But the other potential uses are largely overlooked and not explored at all....

I have been challenged, mainly by the huge nutritional benefits of this plant, to explore different ways of incorporating the use of the petals in my everyday food recipes...(check out the profile of Sorrel/Roselle plant here).

Some of the recipes may seem unlikely....but the experience you derive from the tastes and flavours created will definitely change your perception. The intensity of the colour imparted to the food is also quite spectacular...!

Check out all of my well over 10 creative uses of zobo petals in some of my exciting recipes...Zobo/Sorrel petals recipe ideas...

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