Roasted Plantain with Peanut Butter & Crushed Peanuts

Roasted Plantain with Peanut Butter & Crusshed Peanuts
Plantains are one of the main staple sources of carbohydrates in Nigeria, and they are prepared and enjoyed in a number of ways....boiling, roasting, frying, grilling, pounding and also adding to stews and pottages. Click here to get further information on Plantains.

The type of cooking method applied to plantains, is strictly dictated by their stage of maturity and ripeness Roasted plantains, traditionally called booli, are a very popular road side, lunch time snack, usually served and eaten with roasted peanuts (groundnuts).

Roasted plantains with peanut butter and crushed peanuts can be really filling and satisfying, giving a feeling of being fuller for longer.

Booli with Groundnuts

How to roast Plantains Perfectly
  1. To achieve excellent results, you must choose plantains at the perfect stage of ripeness for making booli. Plantain must still be firm to the touch with slight highlight of yellow colour on the skin. If you choose plantain that is too ripe, the resultant booli will be floppy and soft.
  2. Its best to use an open bbq with red hot embers, not flames. To roast, remove the skin and rub some salt on the plantain. Then place on the bbq grill, roasting each side a few minutes at a time, constantly turning to avoid burning.
  3. You may also use an oven to roast your plantain, but I suggest that you crack open the door to the oven, just a little, to avoid condensation, which will make the plantain soggy.
  4. Ensure the oven temperature is not too high and that the oven has been preheated before putting the peeled plantain
  5. Plantain is best served while still hot, Serve with some peanut butter followed by a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. Nutella, hazel nut spread also tastes great with roasted plantains.



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