Simple Salad with added Hibiscus Flower (Zobo)

Simple Salad with added Zobo leaves

Hibiscus flowers are really good for health...this fact is fully established and there are so many health related researches that support this claim. This means if we do not consume enough of this super food, we could be missing out on a great deal of nutrients; vitamins, minerals and the all important anti-oxidants. (Read more about hibiscus flowers here).

The challenge is finding ways of including them in our everyday meals...other than drinking as tea. In some of my previous posts, I have demonstrated how to include zobo into different recipes; be it desserts, beverages, snacks, breakfast etc. These are really easy procedures that require little main goal is to ensure that in a week, I can include zobo into my food at least about 5 times.

Some of my really successful recipes containing zobo include:

Zobo Cake/Pudding
Zobo Ogi
Zobo Gari
Zobo Pancakes
Zobo Frozen Yogurt
Zobo Tea
Zobo Popsicle
Mulled Zobo
Zobo Grape Juice Drink
Zobo Milk Shake
Zobo Chapman

The zobo leaves are quite versatile and can be used pretty much directly, or after cooking briefly to reduce the tartness. You can extract its intense red coloured essence in a syrup and add to different dishes. Also the leaves cooked in the sugar syrup can add taste and texture to dishes. such as the one am sharing with you in this post....

What you need
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Boiled regular chicken eggs or quail eggs (boil and shell eggs,)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Salad dressing of choice
  • Pre cooked (stewed) zobo leaves (get recipe here) Or just boil the leaves in some sugar solution until soft and sweet
  • Other salad ingredients of choice

What to do
Clean and prep your salad ingredients i.e. the carrots, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes.

Cut them into bite size chunks or spiralize them as shown in the picture.
Remove a couple of the stewed zobo leaves and slice thinly.
Combine all ingredients in a large salad bowl and toss. Add your salad dressing.
Serve as a side dish or with some added grilled fish or chicken, serve for lunch.

Processed Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) in Syrup

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