Red Spinach, Seafood Pepper Soup

So now that I have discovered the goodness of Red Spinach.....I went to work on how best to put it to use and to start getting all the goodness it offers. Read more about Red Spinach here

Red spinach is loosely called that, but really it is red amaranths, and thus can be used, cooked and eaten in similar ways.

The first red spinach recipe am sharing with you is the Red Spinach Seafood Pepper Soup

I could literally feel my age drop as I ate this soup, each table spoon added days to my year......really, really hehehe. This is because it is so intense in its colour, taste and flavour. And because I know that the brilliant colour of the soup is an indication of the richness and goodness of the soup....its packed full of minerals and vitamins vital to good health and for fighting signs of aging..!

Whereas people tend to discard the some-worth dark coloured water created by cooking green amaranth, on the other hand, the deep coloured water created by cooking red amaranth is priceless in its nutritional value and also its visual appeal.....

The recipe is so simple and straight forward....

Its as simple as adding some handful of finely shredded red spinach to some freshly made seafood pepper soup, simmer until the leaves soften, then serve hot preferably with some eko or agidi.

Simpy divine....a must try




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