Plantain Shards with Red Spinach Efo Riro

I love exploring new things, new food ingredients, new techniques, and such and such.....that is just the way I am....!

I eat plantains regularly, not only because they represent one of the most staple sources of carbohydrates in Nigerian cooking, but also because they are versatile to use in different dishes, are extremely delicious and most importantly, they are a healthy source of slow release energy.

I have so many plantain recipes (check them out here), and I continue to explore new ones to suit my taste, preference, mood etcetera.

So in this recipe, quite simply, I cut plantains in the form of shards and deep fry them. I always fry my plantains with my oil of choice, coconut oil. I imagine you can cook the plantain shards by roasting, baking or boiling..... You are sure to achieve an equally fantastic dish.

Plantains as I said earlier, are very versatile to serve with a range of different soups/stews or other dishes like pottages and hotpots.

Well, after having discovered the wonders of Red Spinach, I made some Efo Riro out of them, and I tell you, they tasted equally delicious, you wont know the difference except for the intense deep red colour, and trust me you will be benefiting immensely from the overload of nutrients that this vegetable packs.

Anyway, I served my deep fried plantain shards with red spinach efo riro, and it was exotic and delicious.

Try it out..

What to do
  • For the shards, you need just ripe plantains that are still firm to the touch, So i peeled them whole and then cut them into 3 equal parts (or perhaps two depending on the size of the plantain.
  • To make the shards, I cut through diagonally, each of the previously cut 2/3 chunks then I deep fried in coconut oil. Ensure the oil is not too hot so that the plantain can cook deep within its core.
  • Remove fried plantains and lay out on some kitchen towel to remove excess oil.

  • Arrange carefully on a plate in a circular shape, and serve some red spinach efo riro in the center. Garnish with some tender shoots from the red spinach bunch.
  • Enjoy


  1. This is yummy! You have got an very interesting food blog...Keep it up FUnke


  2. simply beautiful! I appreciate your creativity in designing these sumptuous dishes. Thanks:)

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