Zobo & Yogurt Sweet-Ting

Do you have yogurt, condensed milk, some zobo syrup, some fruits that are very ripe, sweet or tart/tangy, do you want to make a simple dessert? Read on...

So its always being said that Nigerians have no desserts. or that they don't do desserts, and I ask them, which generation of Nigerians are you referring to? Nigerians love desserts and is a lot of dessert ideas which are slowly gathering popularity...I as a Nigerian foodie to the core, I have come up with a lot of dessert dishes which I created using locally sourced food ingredients. 

So what do we call our desserts....hhmm (sigh).. Truth is, we fashion our desserts to existing popular desserts from other cuisines...so they don't feel original. I believe we ought to have a name for desserts dishes that originate from Nigeria... I am from the Yoruba tribe, and any thing that is sweet is referred to as"Oun Didun" which literally translates as "that which is sweet", so am thinking, from now on, why not refer to desserts as Sweet-Ting... So on restaurant menus, we see Sweet-Ting instead of Desserts.... so shall it be...!

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Here is another Sweet-Ting idea which is simple to make, ingredients readily available and delicious. It will make an excellent show stopping feature on any dinner table, especially during an occasion or during the festive season.

What you need
  • Good quality thick and rich yogurt. Choose the unsweetened one. (I always choose good unsweetened Greek yogurt for this recipe)
  • Condensed milk
  • Zobo syrup (see recipe here)
  • Gelatin (sheet or powder)
  • A variety of fruits. (Try to balance their sweetness with their tartness so one does not over-power the other)

What to do
  1. Place the yogurt in a bowl and add some condensed milk to sweeten it. The amount you did will depend on how sweet and thick you want your yogurt. The more you add, the  sweeter it is and the less thick it becomes. 
  2. Mix the yogurt and condensed milk together until well combined. 
  3. Then transfer the yogurt into dessert cups/bowls as seen in the picture. Fill the cups to about one third of the cup. Place the filled cups in a fridge to allow the yogurt to set.
  4.  Meanwhile, dissolve some quantity of gelatin in hot water. Quantity depends on the amount of syrup you have. Note that the more gelatin used the firmer/stiffer the jello.
  5. When completely dissolved, add the syrup and stir in. Set aside in a corner of your kitchen and allow to cool but do not let it set yet.
  6. When the syrup is completely cool but still liquid, carefully add some quantity over the yogurt in the cups, USING a spoon. This step is a little tricky so you have to mindful of what you are doing
  7. Return the cup of yogurt and zobo syrup/jello into the fridge to set firmly. 
  8. Wash and prep your fruits and carefully arrange over the set yogurt/zobo jello. 
  9. Keep refrigerated until served.



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