Happy New Year...!

Happy New 2018...!

2017 started out really exciting and I was hoping to reach some great milestones.... but other things happened along the way, which led to some unmet targets, and meant I had to go back to the drawing board....

I am thankful to God for a sound mind, and for the support I received from my family, without whom I cannot stand.

I am also grateful to my supporters and friends particularly on social media, who have stayed connected with me even with the inconsistencies that seem to plague my blogging and social media activities...!(working on this in the new year...!)

This year will be so exciting, I am working on a couple of concepts, all around healthy eating and also creating new food ideas to add variety to your diet and/or serve at your dinner parties.

This year, you can continue te expect creative, fun and spectacular recipes/dishes with will be exciting to make and enjoy.

Thank you so much.... your connections, comments/likes and support keep me motivated. Counting on your continued interest and support in 2018.



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