Some Golden Yellow Eko for Dessert...!?

Funke Koleosho's Golden Eko Dessert with sliced Water Apples

As a natural progression from Golden Morn Eko, I decided to create a little treat that can be served for dessert. I can hear many exclaim, Eko for dessert...!? but why not...

Custard has been successfully used to create a variety of dessert recipes, and since it too is made from corn/maize just like Eko, I figured that I can achieve a really good outcome.

So I heated some milk with some sugar and cinnamon. I chilled the milk and later added some freshly chopped fruits and chopped pre-made golden yellow eko. Because I am currently in Lagos and found water apples (also called rose apples) I decided to use them and I was lucky to find those that were relatively sweet (yes, its a bit of a lottery to find really sweet fruits in Nigeria as they vary significantly in taste from one seller to the other...) I reckon that other sweet and tart fruits can be used as alternatives. I also imagine that cooking the fruits first in some sugary water will further enhance taste, but I did not do that for this recipe.

The result: I kid you not the taste is really something different, perhaps something you have never tried before, but it definitely was delicious and refreshing. Its one of those things that you have to taste first to decide if its for you or not.

Golden Eko Dessert with Sliced Water Apples

But for me, golden eko dessert is a new invention, and has been added to my list of possible dishes to serve for dessert. I know of course that I cannot serve it to just anyone....only to those who really love to explore and experience new tastes and flavours...!

Try is it first and then decide for yourself...

What you need
  • Pre-made golden yellow Eko (get recipe here)
  • Fresh milk (if you cannot readily get some fresh milk you can use condensed milk or make some using powdered milk)
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown sugar or honey
  • Rose/water apples (thinly sliced across its length for an attractive visual effect)

What to do
  1. Heat some milk under low heat ensuing it does not come to boil. Add the sugar and about half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Stir and allow all to dissolve/infuse. 
  2. Remove milk from heat and cool. Then place in the fridge to chill but not freeze. 
  3. When you are ready to serve, chop the pre-made golden yellow eko and slice the water apples. In a bowl or cup, transfer the chopped eko and sliced fruit. 
  4. Top with the chilled cinnamon infused milk. If you have the time, place in the chiller/fridge again for another 10 minutes or so before serving. 
  5. Finally sprinkle some brown sugar over and serve chilled.

Golden Eko Dessert with Sliced Water Apples



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