Golden Morn Eko

Funke Koleosho's Golden Morn Eko

Still on my Golden Yellow Eko...(get recipe here).

Most breakfast meals are made from cereal grains and in particular maize/corn...Fact! I guess this is why the recipe in today's post works well. Preceding this post, I have shared my recipes on making Ogi and Eko from a paste made from fermented yellow maize. Traditionally, Ogi (akamu or koko) is eaten hot while the Eko (agidi) is a cooled down version of ogi and is eaten cold.

Just as a variation, I am sharing another recipe on how you can further enjoy eating Eko especially for breakfast or as an accompaniment to a light meal or even as dessert..!

As with most breakfast cereal, all you need is some cold or warm milk. Add also some chopped fresh or dried fruits to increase its nutritional value and take your the experience to another realm...

With the addition of cold or warm milk, Eko is excellent served in the morning for breakfast.

What you need
  • Pre made Golden yellow Eko (either white or yellow varieties can be used...get recipe here.)
  • Fresh milk (use either full fat or skimmed milk as you prefer)
  • Some brown sugar or honey to sweeten
  • Some chopped fresh or dried fruits of your choice (this is optional)

What to do
  1. Chop up your pre-made eko into small chunks. 
  2. Transfer into a cereal bowl. 
  3. Add warm or cold fresh milk. 
  4. Add some brown sugar to sweeten.

Golden Morn Eko with some sprinkling of brown sugar



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