Where Are those Vitamins?

A non exhaustive guide into the nutritional
benefits of food of West African origin 
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What are Vitamins?

Vitamins have often been referred to as the cornerstones of health. The human body is unable to manufacture most vitamins for its normal function so they must be provided to ensure proper functioning of the body. There are different types of vitamins and each perform specific roles and a deficiency can lead to body malfunction and serious health issues. So it is highly important for us to know the sources of these vitamins so that they can be incorporated into our regular diet.

Looking around, I found that information on nutritional compositions of West African food ingredients is not readily available. There are pockets of information scattered around the Web but there are no definitive lists that provide reliable information on the wide range of West African foods!

I feel this is a major reason why most people avoid certain West African foods, because some of them have controversial health properties which cannot be verified or disproved.

The solution......I teamed up with some nutritionists, carried out some research using the web, reviewed food science reports and compiled a guide which provides a non exhaustive list of vitamins, their functions and where they can be found from a West African food ingredient perspective. This guide also provides information on the effects of storage and heat on vitamins.

The 8 page guide will be really useful as a quick reference for understanding the nutritional information of, and how to incorporate these food ingredients into your diet. I would like to share this with you and encourage you to request your FREE copy!!!



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