Cook! Nigerian Cookery Class - Pictures

It was an exciting day filled with fun...!

Pictures from the Cook! Nigerian Cookery Class held on the 29th July 2017 @ the London Cooking Project, Battersea London.

The feedback from those in attendance was positive and constructive. For most, the class provided a great opportunity to learn about Nigerian cuisine from someone they find knowledgeable. Others also appreciated the interactivity with other learners and also the freedom to explore the techniques on their own.... It was also expressed that learners would like more one-one support...! I suppose this is true and is such a challenge in a group session, but I have already begun addressing this issue for my next session.

Overall, learners felt they learnt new things, will be willing to take more courses and also recommend to friends and family.... For me, his means success...!

Next Courses
We are already planning our next sessions which will be in September. These new classes will be Master Classes which will focus on specific dishes and learning how to make them perfectly. We will also be offering some more introductory courses. We are compiling our lists and would ask you to register your interest using the form below...

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