Hiya... I am Funke and I love every thing about food and cooking, especially food from my native country Nigeria.

My Blog is all about the "New Nigerian Cuisine" which means I'm recreating and redefining old favorites and also creating new & exciting tastes and flavours using indigenous food ingredients. I am big on creative combinations, appealing food presentation and above all, I am dead keen on bringing out the most taste & deliciousness in my food...!

Through this medium I am exploring methods of preparing and presenting Nigerian food in new ways, and also hope to help the world discover (or re-discover) everything healthy, versatile and delicious about Nigerian cuisine...!

My Story
There is just so much to discover about Nigerian food...! Outcomes of research work on food of West African origins shed light on their wholesomeness and nutritional values. This fact brings so much positive impact into the way these foods are now perceived. There is an increased interest from the Western countries, which brings new basis for which these food can no longer be looked down upon.

I started cooking as soon as I was tall enough to reach the stove..! As the first of 6 children, I quickly learnt how to make simply dishes to cater to my siblings. I watched my mom cook traditional Nigerian meals and learnt a lot of tips and tricks on how to make delicious wholesome meals with little effort, in no time. My love for food was established from then and has continued to grow ever since.

My style and appeal for good food has been influenced by my travels and I have found inspiration from a lot of places and people. I am keenly interested in applying new techniques and use of cooking equipment to prepare and serve Nigerian food in new exciting ways.

I am obsessed with exploring and experimenting with food, and striving to bring about creativity and innovation to Nigerian dishes.

I am also geared towards dispelling myths and misconceptions regarding Nigerian food, as well as discovering ways to create variety and healthy alternatives.

My work is much more than teaching how to cook Nigerian dishes, its a wholesome approach which includes learning and understanding the different food ingredients and how best they can be used and processed to create healthy, delicious and visually appealing dishes. I hope that through this medium I can change the way Nigerian food is seen, made and eaten forever...!

and lastly.......to all the king makers out there, I hope to someday receive the title Olori Ol'Owo Sibi  (hehehe...).

My Mission
I am so passionate about Nigerian food and have placed myself on a mission to help place Nigerian cuisine on the world food map and to make it a real dining alternative. I envision her cuisine will become a foreign exchange earner for Nigeria, in the not too distant future just like Italian, French, Asian cuisines!

My Background
I am a Gourmand award winning (Nigerian) Cookbook author and also the creator of a multifunctional iPhone/iPad cooking App (Cook! Nigerian), which contains a range of traditional and fusion Nigerian/West African recipes, first ever calorie counter for West African food, Information on healthy eating and more. 

I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Food Science & Technology and I have had extensive and varied work experience in different industries in various capacities such as marketing/sales, administration and management. 

I provide consultancy services to food businesses on catering, food production, menu design, health and safety, and social entertainment. I also write Food Articles / Features for leading magazines and on-line blogs, and on-line magazines.