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We are always on the look out to work with people who share similar passion and vision for Nigerian cuisine, so we would love to hear from you to explore and discuss business opportunities.

I have a lot of experience and expertise in a number of areas, but am also very keen to develop new experiences and skills in other food related sectors.

I look forward to doing business together with you...!

Private Catering
I bring a lot to the table....literary .....(hehehe).

I  love cooking and I bring something really special to your dining experience. I always look forward to creating great tasting exquisite dishes with a lot of visual appeal. Such as my exciting 4 course menus using Nigerian food ingredients.

I love to delight all my dinner guests with food created with love and care that leave them asking for more...

So if you are looking to experience Nigerian cuisine in a different way, then you must let me treat you and your guest(s) to a spread of wonderful and delicious creative Nigerian food, which would create lasting food memories....!

Private Cookery Lessons
I can teach you a thing or two...

I have learnt so much and know quite a lot about Nigerian cookery and also have a sound understanding of Nigerian food ingredients. I am always keen to share my knowledge and my special tips and tricks on getting the right results every time...!

Through my private one-to-one hands-on cookery sessions, I offer cooking lessons tailored to your specific needs and requirements. The sessions take into account your background experiences (or none) to plan your learning in order to achieve success in a timely and cost effective manner...

So if you are a complete novice to Nigerian cooking or if you wish to brush up your skills to enable you create awesome dishes for your self and loved ones, then you must get in touch to arrange your lessons.

Menu Design & Planning 
For your next special occasion or food business venture, where you want something different and fresh. Or when you want to cater to a particular group of people with specific dietary requirements  or just when you want a customized menu to suit a special event/occasion or purpose...., I can bring a lot of ideas into planning and designing a winning menu, that will incorporate :
  • 1. Religious requirements (halal, kosher,) 
  • 2. Lifestyle requirements (vegan, meatless, low carb etc)
  • 3. Special Serving Arrangements (picnic style, fondue style, served on a boat, cocktail style etc)
  • 4. Number of Courses or Themes

I will be involved right from designing the menu, to sourcing the materials and ingredients,  and also creating a detailed recipe guide and instructions that will be used to train your staff.

Event/Project Support &Consultancy
Are you holding a food related event, then you must invite me...! I can take some of that work off your hands.....

I will be pleased to help with planning and participating at the event, contributing some of my expertise, that may be needed to make the event a success.

Food Ingredient Sourcing 
I receive a lot of inquiries about sourcing quality local food ingredients, so I have made it my concern to help source good quality ones, making tne process less stressful and more productive.

I remove the frustration of not knowing where to look and what to look out for...and also the issue with inconsistency in the quality. .I have forged some partnerships with local suppliers which makes the entire process so straightforward and hassle free.

Get in touch with all your requirements and I will see what I can do...

Food Writing
This is and remains one of my main passions. I have authored an award winning cookbook and also author my blog Funke Koleosho's Food Blog which is rich in information on Nigerian Cuisine. I love to write and even in my very busy schedule I still have time to write.

I contribute a lot of articles for magazine and online publications. So if you like any of my posts or you want me to contribute an original article to your site, magazine, book etc, please get in touch.

Advisory and Recipe Development
I can offer sound advice towards the development of your product(s). I can also review your products, testing it out and making recommendations.

If you already have a food related product (e.g. consumables, equipment, gadgets etc) please send us samples for review. For products that get our approval, we can create recipes around the use of such products and share on our website and social media platforms.

Food Photography
The ability to create great looking food pushed me to learn how to photograph food, (because before I became a food photographer, I paid someone to take my food photos...!). But sometimes, cooking great food is not planned, it just happens, so I rush to get my camera and snap away.... I am not quite a pro in food photography but I now take all my blog pictures.....

I can assist with your Food Shoots too... I can teach you some of what I have learnt....

To discuss viable opportunities in any of the areas listed above, please get in touch....(To find out more about me please click here)

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