Plantain Noodles

Spiraliszed Plantain

Following on from my post on spiralizing Nigerian fruits and vegetables, I am today demonstrating how to create exciting noodle shapes from plantains, one of Nigeria's staple source of carbohydrates.

Spiralizing vegetables and cooking them can be really exciting and an excellent way of eating these vegetables in a different way...., but some vegetables could be tricky to spiralize and there are some key points to bear in mind.

Key  Points to Note 
When spiralizing plantains ensure the following:
  1. Choose only plantains that are still firm and not the overripe soft ones. This is because the soft ones will not create perfect noodles. The firmer the better and easier to pass through the spiralizer.
  2. In order to cut down wastage, peel the plantain whole and before spiralizing, cut into manageable sizes that will fit into your spiralizer.
  3. Alternatively, you can also spiralize the plantain whole with the skin on. Once spiralized, carefully remove the skin from the plantain meat. This method is a little tedious but is a good way to spiralize softer plantains and reduce wastage.

How to use Spiralized Plantains
  1. The best way to cook spiralized plantain is to deep fry them especially the green plantains. They make excellent dodo crisp. Sprinkle with some spicy salt and serve as a party snack
  2. Spiralized plantains can be steamed or boiled (but better steamed). They can them be served with a vegetable sauce, some grilled fish or chicken
  3. They can also be added to soups/sauces.
  4. Add them also to gizdodo recipes
  5. Plantain noodles are of course excellent in stir fries.
  6. Use also to garnish food to enhance the visual appeal. (Art of food plating).

Get spiralized....! recommended tools: Oxo Good Grips Julienne Peeler & Hand Held Spiralizer..

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