Nigerian Food Art

So, something new has happened again on the Nigerian food scene. A first of it kind. Nigerian Food transformed into art...!

I love things like these and I get so excited by the totally new concept/prospect. I have been in the forefront of promoting Nigerian cuisine, now for over 6 years, and I have to say, Nigerian cuisine is evolving and so is Nigerian food vocation(s). There are so many possibilities we can achieve with Nigerian cuisine and I am so glad that big corporations are beginning to see some value with it.

So over the weekend, the very first food art exhibition took place in Lagos, and this was sponsored by Samsung Nigeria under the theme TechMeetsArt Nigeria.

I love creativity in all the manner or forms it comes, and creativity with food is my passion. I love food and love even better Art in Food.

I believe this event will be an annual event, where opportunities would be given to food enthusiasts to express themselves creatively with food, either for eating, or for something to gape at and admire from the walls of your living room, kitchen, etc.

This is initiative is great as it opens up a lot of opportunities for people, and so I would like to commend all those who took part in this year's event; #SamsungMobileNG #TechMeetsArt. I am certainly gearing up to participate at the Next event....

I do get into food artistry from time to time, and I have a small collection of Food Art which I hope to exhibit someday...

I share with you one of my favorites titled: 3 Tone Eba - Naija Wheels of Life (because Eba means so much to the average Nigerian)

Eba/Gari is made from Cassava meal and is the commonest meal for all Nigerians, rich or poor. It comes in two main varieties, yellow and white, but I have added another tone which is made with some added hibiscus flower water.

Eba is what keeps the average Nigerian going. With some eaten daily hunger is sorted, and that keeps the wheels of life moving...


  1. Looks good! How did you get the shape?

    1. I used food rings to get the wheel shape....check out my shop page to find how to get yours....

  2. Amazing! You make it look so easy.

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