Red Spinach Efo Riro for Lunch

Okay, so I made some Red Spinach Efo Riro, a really delicious, exotic and extremely nutritious vegetable dish....seriously, this is one of those dishes I have eaten that I literally feel myself getting "younger" hehehe...., that's how much overloaded the dish is with antioxidants.

I now regularly eat this wonderful vegetable dish and have decided to share some pictures of how I enjoy eating it.......

Serving suggestions: serve generous amounts with pounded yam, gari. plantain. boiled yam, semovita, fufu, amala, boiled rice etc

Red Spinach Efo Riro with Plantain Shards

Red Spinach Efo Riro with Gari

Green & Red Spinach Efo Riro

Red Spinach Efo Riro with Pounded Yam


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    1. Hiya Sandra and thanks for commenting. Red spinach is variety of the common amaranth greens which is popularly referred to as tete in Nigerian Yoruba dialect. It is also generally called greens....hope this helps

    2. Please check out this post for more details

  2. You didn't share the recipe

    1. Hiya, this post was an exposition on the red spinach....and also ways to eat it.

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