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I come across a lot of food blogs, food accounts on Instagram and twitter etc, and one new trend that is proving quite popular is what I have now discovered is called Bowl Foods...

What it is, its, basically dishing all the components of your food in just one bowl and eating from that one bowl. So, that means, portions of your veggies, carbs and protein are all closely packed into the same bowl, for serving and eating at once!

Not quite sure where this fad all started from but I do know that this method of serving food, bears close resemblance to the way our forefathers served their foods, I mean in Nigeria, and this is still pretty much common place there, even today. Food is served, usually the carb rich staple, followed by an abundance of vegetable soup, and then topped by a choice of protein, typically fish or meat.

I am loving the fact that some attention is being placed on this method of serving, and more importantly, I am blown away by the level of creativity and sensibility being applied to the food serve in this way.

So I am moving with times, and embracing the new trend and incorporating it into my "New Nigerian Cuisine concept"., mainly because I can see some real benefits, and these include:

Portion Control: Bowl Foods help to control portions of food served. The idea is the amount of food you serve and subsequently eat, is constrained to the size of the bowl you serve it in.

Eating Variety: Bowl Foods are all about creativity and sensibility, which encourages eating your food in different variety. Different varieties of foods are used to create a visually appealing dish

Balanced Diet: Bowl Foods helps to support balanced diet.

Creativity/Sensibility: Bowl Foods brings out the creativity and food sensibility in you!

So, there you have it guys, let me encourage you to try Bowl Foods.

What to do

  1. First - Get a moderate size bowl, one which you believe is suitable for your "stature", 
  2. Second, - Go shopping for all of your favourite food ingredients,
  3. Third - Cook, cook cook
  4. Fourth - Get creative and be sensible with the portions and combination of foods that you serve...!

Now Send Me Pictures of your creations.....(yours may be featured...! ) 
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