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Its a feeling that cannot be really described fully, in sum, I am excited. My first ever group cookery session here in the UK is only a few days away...!

After so many enquiries about cookery lessons, I decided to oblige my readers and run a test session to see how things go. So after doing some "rigorous leg work", I was able to set up a session at the London Cookery Project in Battersea

This first session will be an introductory session.And its has been designed such that whether you are an enthusiastic home cook, an experienced cook who wants to learn more, or you are just a keen foodie who wants to explore and discover the tastes and flavours of the New Nigerian Cuisine, you will find the session useful because there will be a lot to learn and discover...

The session will discuss the elements of traditional Nigerian cooking and also introduce the concepts of the New Nigerian Cuisine. In addition, the session will also offer opportunities to learn tips and tricks, disprove myths and misconceptions about food of West African origin generally, and you will most definitely expand your dining experience!

The Venue
The session will be held at the London Cooking Project centre, located in Battersea. This centre is well suited for interactive cooking and dining and is also centrally located. Accessible through bus and train services. Not in the congestion zone. Free off road parking available evenings and weekends.

Course Details - Getting Started - The Techniques of Nigerian cooking
Date: 29th July 2017
Description: This course is a must for those with little or no knowledge of Nigerian cooking and who are really enthusiastic about learning how to cook Nigerian dishes. Find out more here
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Day: Saturday 29th July 2017
Duration: 3 hours
Price: £62.99*
Book Course Now I was so thrilled when Tropical Sun decided to sponsor this event. I have for so long used many of their products, and to a large extent, I have a lot of faith in them because of the high standards to which they have been produced. They also have a wide variety of food ingredients from African origin. The quality is high and consistent. Ingredients for the recipes will be supplied by Tropical Sun.

Prizes: I am so excited to impart my knowledge of cooking Nigerian food to the learners on the day and will be rewarding those who are able to make the most progress. Two prizes will be won:

1. A professional Knife set

2. A follow up one-one session

*Discounted and Concession Tickets: There are a few discounted and concession tickets for groups.  For details of these tickets please email us on

I cannot wait to see you on the course...xx

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