Cook! Nigerian - Bridal Edition

Cooking and developing new Nigerian dishes are my express passion. Those who know me know that, I love to cook and eat... 😊 and explore new food ideas. Something else I love to do is show people how I cook all my exciting dishes and help them discover something new...for themselves, in the kitchen!

I run cookery sessions and diners' clubs (mostly private), and I get so much sense of accomplishment when my students/guests express their satisfaction with me... It is such a good feeling. So, in order to be able to do more for my followers, I usually plan sessions around themes such as religious festivities, healthy eating, dietary requirements etc. My latest theme is....for Newly Weds or the About-To Weds..!

So, out of all my previous sessions, majority of my students are those planning their weddings or those who just recently got married, the newly weds. I am particularly keen to hold sessions for this group of people because I applaud them for their keen interest in learning how to cook good home made food and feed their family...
In my opinion, there is no better way to express your love and care for your family, other than to cook and serve them wholesome freshly made home cooked food! - FKFB
Cookery Sessions for Newly Weds/About-To Weds
  • These sessions are designed for those who have been or about to be married (grooms inclusive). 
  • The sessions are privately run and tailored to their specific requirements. Many dishes or cooking techniques can be learned over a couple of sessions, which usually last from 3 to 5 hours.
  • The sessions are held in the privacy of the student's home...and are delivered according to their pace.
  • The students receive ongoing support (such as help with sourcing ingredients, food table/menu planning etc) for an agreed period of time to help them build confidence.

How To Book
Its really easy to get on the course. Select the session you prefer, with 3 Hour or 5 Hour session, and make your payment. Once your payment is received, we will be in touch to arrange a time most convenient for you. (This session can be given as a gift to newly weds/about-to weds).

To book a place on one of our Bridal Cookery Sessions, click the button below:

1. Cook! Nigerian Session Bridal Edition - 3 Hour Session
Cost - £75.00

2. Cook! Nigerian Session - Bridal Edition - 5 Hour Session
Cost - £120

If you want to find out more please use the contact form provided below:

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