Spread The Joy With TollyBoy

For many many years, TollyBoy has been one of my favourite brands of rice and is usually my first choice for traditional Nigeria rice dishes such as Jollof rice and fried rice.. so when asked to partner with them on their campaign called #spreadthejoywithTollyBoy to support African and Bangladeshi communities, I was really quite excited. It was really heart warming and I felt it is a great opportunity to work with TollyBoy to give back to the community!

I am proud to be a part of this campaign because it truly contributes towards the course of some community groups that support the welfare of women and children, and also health, education and elderly care.

Each time you purchase and cook with TollyBoy rice, these community groups stand a chance of receiving much needed funding to progress with all the good works they are already doing within the community...! I find this really a really noble gesture and would like to invite you to participate too...!

You can be a part of the campaign in four simple steps:

1. Buy a special promotional pack of Tolly Boy rice with a sticker.

2. Peel the sticker on the pack to get your unique code.

3. Text or log on to our website www.spreadthejoywithtollyboy.co.uk to vote using your unique code on the pack.

4. Select your chosen community group and place your vote. For updates and notifications, follow @spreadthejoywithTollyBoy, @tasteofnigeria on Instagram and Twitter.

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