Red Cabbage Cake

This cake recipe is born out of my desire to eat healthy cakes. In my mind, I am thinking that adding vegetables to cake recipes will make them more healthy and hopefully still allow my occasional indulgence in a good dessert dish...!

Vegetables have been successfully added to cakes, most popular being carrots.., so why not use other vegetables too.

Of-course I knew not all vegetables will be ideal for making cakes, so I really had a lot of fun experimenting with different ones, and after several attempts I came up with a favourite..... #RedCabbgeCake.

I actually do love cabbage because of its fantastic nutritional benefit; especially the red one. I have created some really exciting recipes using red cabbage, and here is another one!

Colour, Texture, Taste Verdict
So I, from my judgement, came to the following conclusions: the cake was really moist. It felt that the cabbage brought a lot of moisture to the cake, and it was alittle dense. The texture was great, and the intense colour from the cabbage created a visual appeal. It tasted great and I really loved it.

What to do
I used one of my favourite cake recipes. To add the cabbage, I first blended some into a smooth puree. I then added to the batter a little at a time. Then baked the cake as usual.

Served two ways: with custard and with ice-cream


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