Donkwa Energy Balls - Funke Koleosho's New Nigerian Cuisine

Donkwa Energy Balls

With this recipe, I am attempting to evolve one of Nigerians' snacks into something that can fit into modern day's purposeful snack. Purposeful because its not just a snack to eat when you feel peckish, its a snack that has some benefits,... you know snack-with-benefits.

I am a lover of all things healthy, and I take extra time to research research healthy foods and how they can be made.

Energy balls or "power-balls" are all over the place. They fascinate me. A small snack that contains so much energy, which is good for the way your body releases and used energy... wow.

Donkwa is a snack made from corn and peanut, two potentially great ingredients for energy. All that is need to balance things out are a few more (complementary) ingredients to provide additional nutrients especially vitamins and minerals.

So after a few experiments, I came up with Donkwa Energy Balls.... Pop a couple of these in between meals and see how effectively they will reduce your craving. They are also good at slow release of energy so you will not feel so tired during the day.

What you need
  • Pre-made or bought Donkwa balls
  • Mixed dried fruits
  • Honey
  • Mixed dried nuts

What to do
  1. Finely chop all the dried fruits and nuts, drizzle with some honey and also add donkwa ball. Mix all together and mold into balls. 
  2. The ratio of donkwa to mixed nuts and fruits depends on your personal preference.



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