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Hibiscus (Zobo) - "Matcha"

Matcha Variant - Hibiscus (Zobo) Powder
So green tea "Matcha" has become so popular for three main reasons; its nutritional values, its versatility and of course its intense green colour which brings calm, to its consumer.

I have tried "Matcha" taken directly like a tea, and also as a flavouring added to a rice dessert. Its fascinating in its unique taste and flavour. It was quite interesting. The only downside for me is the fact that its not readily available for me to purchase. For me, "Matcha" is what I enjoy when out dining.

It was out of curiosity to find out how if hibiscus tea can be made into a "Matcha" variant, that I came up with today's innovation which I am sharing here.

So for my readers who do not quite know what "Matcha" is, it is finely powdered green tea leaves. That simple. This powder is used to make a tea / drink which is really popular in Japan. It is  also used in different types of food such as cakes, sweets, desserts, bread, pastries, etc. There is no limit to how you can use it.

To make my own "Matcha" variant, I needed two things; dried hibiscus leaves and a high power spice or coffee grinder. Without this, I was not going to be able to get the right outcome. "Matcha"  is fine with no grits of chaffs. This property makes the resulting drink really smooth and more enjoyable.

A food blogger blogger colleague (9jafoodie.com) once called me Zobo Queen, this is in recognition of how much I love Zobo and how I have used it in several recipes and food ideas.

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How To Use

  • As a food colour
  • Add to cake batter, bread dough or pastries
  • Add to cereals, porridge and cold drinks
  • Drink as instant tea (just add hot water)
  • Add to dipping sauces or condiments
  • Use to make seasoning
  • Use to flavour meat for grilling; chicken, lamb, fish etc.

Taste verdict

Hibiscus powder has a tangy taste similar to lemon, so it can be used effectively in some ways as a substitute for lemon. It is also rich in vitamin C as well as minerals.

Use this to make a quick hot or cold drink to boost your immunity without the need to boil your zobo leaves for hours....



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