The Soft Drink Risk

Fizzy Drinks
I was in Nigeria over the Easter break and I was alarmed at the rate soft drinks are consumed over there. Every visit to friends and family (and trust me there are many) meant you were offered a soft drink typically the fizzy cola and lemonade based ones and especially the Malt drinks.

Malt Drink

As we all now know, fizzy drinks are not too good for health due to their high sugar content. But I must confess that they could be quite tempting especially when super chilled.

Hope you wont be surprised that Malt drinks are also quite high in sugar, even though they also contain reasonable levels of vital B Vitamins. Dilemma....I hear you say.

In the news today, new research concludes that daily consumption of soft drinks increases the chance of developing type two diabetes by 22%! Now this is really alarming. Read full report here

1. Nothing beats pure natural spring water as a regular drink throughout the day. Let your first choice always be water.

2. You can also go for pure fruit juices (NOT juice drinks which often contain added sugar. Check the label.)

3. Invest in a good fruit juicing machine and make your own drinks by blending different fruit juices. Tip: use naturally sweet fruits as the sweetener for your drinks.


  1. Water remains my favorite drink to date. I could add lime or ginger a times for flavor.

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