Melons & Pawpaw Medley

Funke Koleosho's Melons & Pawpaw Salad

My recipe today is dead simple and is created to help you gently experience the taste of pawpaw (particularly, if it is your first time trying it). Read more about pawpaw here: Food Profile: Pawpaw (Papaya).

This is a subtle way to combine the tastes of what you already know with the exotic taste of pawpaw. For those already used to this fruit, this recipe shows another way to enjoy it, in combination with other fruits!

I am not specifying quantities for the fruits used in this recipe, will instead encourage you to use as much or as little of each fruit as you would like. You can also include other fruits that you prefer but ensure that their tastes and textures would work in harmony with the rest of the fruits.

  • Watermelon 
  • Honeydew melon 
  • Well ripened pawpaw 
  • Some coconut shavings and agave nectar for garnishing (optional) 

What to do:
  1. Wash all fruits thoroughly. (I prefer to wash the whole fruits before peeling. This way you save nutrients being lost in water). 
  2. Cut each fruit into equal sized cubes. (If you don't have the patience, cutting the fruits into bite-size chunks will do).
  3. Arrange the cubes alternately, or how ever you like. Drizzle some agave nectar and sprinkle coconut shavings if using. Serve. 
  4. Refrigerate excess fruits and serve later. This salad is really refreshing when served chilled on a hot summer day.
Melon and Pawpaw medley

Read more about pawpaw here: Food Profile: Pawpaw (Papaya)



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