Beef Suya Salad

Funke Koleosho's Beef Suya Salad

Despite its popularity, suya has always been a snack food, something to eat on the side, (I know that sometimes it may be eaten with some soaked gari)... I find nothing wrong with this, I just got wondering whether truly, there can be a way that suya can be served as a main dish of sort....or maybe as a light lunch or dinner.

My first thought was to make a salad with it....using a well known medley of fresh vegetables (including the traditional onions and tomatoes suya is often served with) which will help to calm down the characteristic fiery taste and flavour.

Came up with a really simple, healthy dish, which requires little effort. It tastes really fresh and quite filling - depending on the proportion of veggies added of course.

With this recipe, you can explore the inclusion of as many vegetables as you like to have in your salads, e.g. cucumber, iceberg lettuce, carrots or beetroot etc..... No dressing required, just an ample amount of avocado pear and a sprinkling of more yaji (suya mix). Make it and enjoy it....

Beef Suya Salad

What you need:
  • Already prepared beef suya - cut into small pieces (you can make your own suya - see recipe here or purchase some from one of your favourite mai suya. Chicken suya also works for this recipe) 
  • Avocado pear, peel and dice. 
  • Red onions, peel and dice, then sprinkle with some olive oil and lemon juice to mellow the taste. This would not be necessary if the onion you get is the sweet variety. 
  •  Ripe tomatoes, wash and dice 
  • Suya spice (yaji
  • Watercress leaves for garnish 

What to do:
  1. In a salad bowl, combine all the ingredients and toss carefully. Lastly sprinkle some suya spice and garnish with some watercress leaves. 
  2. Serve.

Beef Suya Salad

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