Dambu Nama served with Sweet Potato Balls

Funke Koleosho's Dambu served with Sweet Potato Balls

Another simple idea on how to serve Dambu Nama (read more about and get full recipe on how to make Dambu Nama here). Serve with sweet potato balls.

What you need 
(to make the sweet potato balls)
  • 1-2 tubers of sweet potatoes (the African sweet potatoes are most suitable for this recipe)
  • Some wheat flour

What to do
  1. Boil the sweet potatoes in some salted water.
  2. Allow to cool then finely chop.
  3. Take a little of the chopped sweet potatoes and mould into a ball. Dust with a little wheat flour to help hold the ball together.
  4. Set aside for abut 15 minutes to allow them hold their shapes
  5. Now you an either shallow fry or bake in the oven until golden brown.  If you decide to bake, add a little bit of butter to the potato balls while moulding to avoid them becoming too dry in the oven. 
  6. Serve on a bed of dambu nama.

Dambu served with Sweet Potato Balls



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