New Year New Things...

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Welcome to 2014!....I know..... it's a month too late....(hehehe).

It has taken me a whole month to recoup from all the excitements of 2013. It was truly a roller-coaster of events, career & life situations and a demanding family life!

Yes, I survived into another year and I am truly thankful. I am back fully charged and loaded for an even more exciting and rewarding 2014!

I think my passion for anything Nigerian Cuisine is quite as a progression from authoring my Gourmand Awarding winning cookbook (Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine Cookbook) and the development of the first of its type for Nigerian cuisine, mobile food App (Cook!Nigerian), I decided to start a Food Blog (Funke Koleosho's Food Blog). All with the aim to promote and celebrate Nigerian cuisine to the rest of the world, a culinary culture that is gravely and wrongfully overlooked.

On reflection, blogging is something I should have done ages ago. It is such a dynamic platform with incredible features to allow you express yourself and reach out to people of like mind and build relationships. I love the fact that I am able reach out to tens of thousands of people across the world and receive real time feedback from them. I find this really fascinating because then I am able to propagate my mission, "taking Nigerian Cuisine to the ends of the world....

The Journey So Far
The journey has been really exciting for me. It was great to discover the number of other bloggers shinning the spotlight one way or another on Nigerian food. That there are so many bloggers promoting Nigerian cuisine, is highly commendable and it would nice to see more on the scene. The truth is that Nigerian cuisine is so diverse so there are different ways to interpret and portray it, so I see no competition just complementation!

For one reason or the other, a few of these bloggers are "growing on me". For some it's because we share some common traits and for others, it's because I can learn a thing or two from them! My Greek friends food bloggers Panos & Mirella ( have been ever so supportive and keen to learn about Nigerian food and would often attest to the similarities in ingredients and techniques used in both Greek and Nigerian cuisines. provides a rich information base about African food in general, which I love. brings a quirky and very contemporary perspective to Nigerian food with excellent narratives and story lines. is a mother and daughter team with so much experience in blogging traditional and modern Nigerian food with clever variations of ingredients and techniques. And just gives a fresh perspective to presenting Nigerian food with some impressive photography! There are so many others out there that I am following and watching as the community of Nigerian Food bloggers continue to grow.

Renewed Strength:
I have themed this year " New Year New Things". It denotes that I will be exploring and imbibing new techniques, new ingredients, providing new perspectives on Nigerian food especially those relating to health and well-being.

I have expended many hours on research, discovering new information about foods of West African origin which I am so keen to share. I have also sought inspiration from everywhere imaginable, to come up with exciting and nutritionally balanced recipes guaranteed to add variety to your diet!

So this year, through this channel, you can expect continued creativity in recipe design, inspiring food presentation, emphasis on health and healthy eating, and also provision of new, correctional, eye opening information to disproof all myths and negative stories about Nigerian food!

I am really, really thankful for your is the "fuel" which keeps me going on. Thanks so much. I really am looking forward to meeting some of you somehow, somewhere, someday!!!

Yours truly in food and everything culinary,


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