"Peppery" Chicken Pita Pocket

Funke Koleosho's "Peppery" Chicken Pita Pocket

For my fellow country men who do not know what pita (or pitta) is, it is a type of flat, slightly leavened, oval shaped bread (origin: Middle Eastern countries). It can be opened to form a pocket which can be filled to make excellent sandwiches. Any thing ranging from fish, meat or vegetable fillings can be packed into the pockets to make some of the most satisfying and filling brunches, lunches or light dinner. Pita bread can also be used for dipping if served with some sauce.

I do, sometimes get tired of eating same type of bread often, so I tend to look for alternatives, and why shouldn't I, there are hundreds of different types of bread ranging in composition flavours and textures!

Sandwiches are not quite a Nigerian thing, but they are becoming more and more popular especially in urban areas, where, though still very much limited, a handful types of sandwiches are popular, most popular being the Club Sandwich...!

"Peppery" Chicken Pitta Pocket

In my post today, I share a really simple recipe of how to make a nice and peppery chicken pita sandwich. Peppery because it has been spiced with traditional Nigerian chilli sauce; ata dindin..(get recipe here)......The chicken filling you make with this recipe can also be used in other types of bread. Try it out...!

What you need
  • Pita bread
  • Roast chicken breast
  • Mayonnaise
  • Premium Ata Dindin sauce (a traditional Nigerian chilli sauce. Get recipe here)
  • Crisp salad

What to do
  1. Shred the chicken breast into small pieces and place in a bowl. 
  2. Add a generous quantity of mayonnaise (or as you prefer). 
  3. Add a few teaspoons of premium ata dindin sauce and give all a good mix. 
  4. Lightly warm the pita bread in a microwave (this is optional though). 
  5. Then cut pita bread into two equal parts across the width. Open bread into pockets and fill with your chicken mayonnaise mixture. 
  6. Serve with some salad.

"Peppery" Chicken Pita Pocket

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